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Here’s What Google Is Doing to create robot Devices higher for Business

Fair or not, a long-running play smartphones running Google's robot mobile software system is that they are approximately company enough for giant businesses.

Google took another step to vary that perception on weekday with new "zero-touch" enrollment, that the technical school large says can create rolling out those devices in company environments abundant easier.

Compared to Apple (aapl) iPhones, robot devices square measure exhausting to distribute en bloc to company employees, says Nick McQuire, a senior analyst with CCS Insight, a London-based analysis firm. Apple's device enrollment program makes it less complicated for Associate in Nursing IT department to distribute phones with all the company apps and security rules in situ. Google had no comparable program as yet, he says.

The beauty of such "zero touch" preparation is that IT will order devices so mechanically set them up with apps and company mobile device management while not plenty of manual futzing. The devices then mechanically suits the company's security settings.

In a journal post, Google (goog) says the zero-touch technology works with mobile device management from VMware (vmw), IBM, MobileIron, and Google itself. there's no mention of support for Microsoft (msft) Intune mobile management system.

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The company additionally aforesaid it's operating with carriers Verizon (vz) and Sprint (s) within the U.S. additionally as BT, Telekom DE in Europe, and Softbank and Telstra within the Asia-Pacific region, that all arrange to support zero-touch preparation within the returning year .

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Anything it will do to change the employment of robot devices in company environments is vital for Google, that is pushing exhausting to urge each its devices and package accepted in business environments, says Mark Bowker, a senior analyst with marketing research firm ESG. in this arena, Google competes with Microsoft and alternative vendors.

Apple iPhones have gained traction in company accounts, partially as a result of the said preparation program, however additionally owing to deals it signed with company IT giants, as well as IBM (ibm), to confirm business apps work well on the platform.

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