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Candy crush adventure story is incredibly slow. i simply put in it for the primary time and it simply could be my phone?

To fix this, you would like initial to be on-line of Facebook and confirm to avoid wasting your on-line progress on Candy Crush adventure story. After that, follow these straightforward steps so as to mend this bug.

Method one: Reinstall.

Reinstall the appliance. this may work on iOS and humanoid device.

Method two: Clear the applications` cache.

For humanoid Device :

1. move to `Settings` then click `Application`.This will list all the applications put in in your humanoid device.

2. realize `Candy Crush Saga` then click it.

3. On the higher right corner, you`ll realize the `Clear Cache` button. Click it to clear the info of the Candy Crush adventure story application. this may take away all the info of the Candy Crush adventure story application, therefore, confirm you probably did save your progress and additionally notice the 5 free lives.

4. Open the Candy Crush adventure story application and log-in. you'll notice that the time is reverted back to traditional.

For iOS Device:

1. Install i-FunBox to your laptop. you'll comprehend here without charge World Wide Web.i-funbox.com

2. Plug your iOS device into your laptop.

3. Launch i-FunBox and move to `Applications`.

4. realize the `Candy Crush Saga` entry and click on it.

5. realize the `Cache` folder. Right-click the folder and delete it.

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