Galaxy S8 wet detected error, won’t charge owing to wet detected error, different problems

We’re simply setting out to publish #GalaxyS8 problems and therefore unions so welcome to 1 of the primary few posts for this device. we ar...

We’re simply setting out to publish #GalaxyS8 problems and therefore unions so welcome to 1 of the primary few posts for this device. we are going to be commercial enterprise additional of an equivalent article within the coming back days, therefore, shut for them.

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Below area unit specific topics we transfer for you today:
Problem 1: a way to fix Galaxy S8 wet detected error, won’t charge owing to wet detected error

My new Samsung S8 forthwith for no reason told Maine to shut it off owing to wet in USB…so I did for many hours….then it had been doing nothing once I visited flip it on therefore I did what most would with associate degree older phone Saturday it in rice for a day…then I turned it on associate degreed it'd return on with a latest quick charger associate degreed showed A battery with a wall outlet image thereunder, therefore, I check my cords a shops.. on another charger it buzzed and buzzed repeatedly…..eventually once messing with it check water harm and such it came in and acted as if it had been downloading one thing, therefore, I let it attempt …hole trouble day goes by nothing happens…i’ve watched Youtube videos browse forums and searched all over I’m stuck what do I do??? — Meganborecky03

Solution: Hi Meganborecky03. We’re undecided if we have a tendency to perceive what you’re language here however if your phone keeps showing wet detected error, there are only 1 effective thanks to fixing it. This error message sometimes shows up if the system detects wet or water within the USB charging port. It doesn’t mean that the phone is broken. It solely indicates that the device blocks charging via USB charging port to stop shorting different elements. To fix it, merely shake the phone totally, or higher still, dry the charging port out with a hair blower. once employing a hair blower, confirm to not heat up the phone an excessive amount of to stop damaging it. The aim, in the end, is simply to force wet from difficult-to-reach space to evaporate.
Problem 2: Galaxy S8 charger won’t go all the means into the charging port

Hi. I recently had associate degree upgrade to the Samsung S8 and double currently the charger jack plug has stopped getting into my phone to permit it to charge. I solely ever use the charger that was provided and it worked fine for two weeks, then stopped. I had a whole replacement and also the same issue is going on this morning. I will get the jack plug to travel in, therefore your time charges however that's it. there's no junk or something within the charger jack plug or the phone, therefore, im at a loss Please facilitate I'm a nurse and wish my phone and realize it unacceptable to own this downside happen once more. Thanks. — Cheryl

Solution: Hi Cheryl. Your downside is hardware connected therefore you don’t wish to try and do something to wreck the charging port. There is also a bent pin within the port that causes this downside. we all know it’s onerous to essentially see the within of the port while not the help of therefore style of magnification so we propose that you just let an expert take a glance at it. If the device is roofed by a replacement assurance, we propose that you just demand a brand new phone rather than prying repair.
Problem 3: Galaxy S8 won’t send SMS to random contacts

I sent half-dozen text messages yesterday morning (Wed 5 am) to my shut family and friends. I text them often. and every one unsuccessful and that I cannot resend them either as a result of they fail. but I will send messages to my husband (I text him all the time) and random friends. I even deleted their contact data and re-entered them in hopes that may facilitate however it didn't. I even have conjointly turned my phone off for associate degree hour in hopes that may help–it didn’t. — Storm

Solution: Hi Storm. the primary move that you just wish to try and do here is to confirm that this is often not app-related by wiping the cache and knowledge of the electronic messaging app. Here’s a way to do that:
Open the Settings menu either through your notification shade (drop-down) or through the Settings app in your app drawer.
Navigate all the way down to “Apps”. this might be renamed to one thing like Applications or Application Manager in OEM scraped versions of humanoid half-dozen or seven.
Once in there, rummage around for the electronic messaging app and faucet it.
You’ll currently see an inventory of stuff that offers you info regarding the app, together with Storage, Permissions, Memory Use, and more. This area unit all clickable things. You’ll wish to click on Storage.
You should currently clearly see the Clear Cache and Clear knowledge buttons for the appliance.
Try wiping the cache 1st and observe however electronic messaging works. If the matter stays, do the Clear knowledge choice.

Tapping on Clear knowledge button deletes all of your spoken language threads therefore if you wish to stay a duplicate of some, confirm to back them up earlier than time.

Another sensible issue to try and do during this case is to do exploitation another electronic messaging app. Doing, therefore, can assist you to establish if the matter is owing to a bug in the current app or not. Their area unit several free electronic messaging apps {that you|that you simply|that you simply} will use like Google Hangouts or Facebook courier therefore just take your choice.

If the matter remains notwithstanding the electronic messaging app, contact your carrier. the matter might lie on their finish. notwithstanding not, they’re still obliged to assist you to fix the matter tho'.
Problem 4: Galaxy S8 screen becomes whole black once most Power Saving Mode is enabled

Yesterday, I turned my phone onto most Power Saving mode through a notification. currently, once phone activates, I see boot screen, however, the screen is black once loading. If I press the Bixby button, a special humanoid notification pops up in spite of appearance that can’t use Bixby in most Power Saving Mode. I rebooted and charged it, no help. I will load it into recovery mode and it shows the screen fine. I attempted wiping the cache, however, no facilitate. If I attempt loading into Safe Mode, I even have the same issue as traditional, it’s a black screen, however, says ‘Safe Mode’ at the lowest left. however, i can’t see something, therefore, i can’t uninstall something. I attempted ringing the phone and making an attempt to answer it by swinging across, however that doesn’t work. Thanks for it slow. — Vinnie

Solution: Hi Vinnie. Is it doable {that you|that you merely|that you just} might have simply set screen brightness to the very cheap setting? we have a tendency to don’t recognize if we have a tendency to perceive your concern properly as we have a tendency to haven’t detected or toughened this downside ourselves. we have a tendency to tried replicating your case in our own S8 and everything works fine, notwithstanding screen brightness is at its lowest. we propose that you just do an industrial plant reset via Recovery mode and see however it goes from there. Otherwise, simply keep one's hands off from most Power Saving mode at now till we are able to realize additional info regarding this downside. We’re about to update this post once we've got a good resolution.
Problem 5: Galaxy S8 stops charging once charging port got wet, wet detected error exposure

Hi. I saw Samsung’s business gap the Galaxy S8 from the box underneath the water in an exceeding shark cage then recording the sharks. therefore I place my phone into the water at the beach yesterday for ten seconds. It’s still operating, however, the charging port says wet detected and it'll not charge. It’s been twenty-four hours. is that the phone waterproof or not? I bought a wireless charging port. — Heather

Solution: Hi Heather. We’ve seen the business too and that we say it’s somewhat extreme given the very fact that the phone isn't technically waterproof. It’s solely waterproof in up to five feet (1.5 meters) of water for up to a half-hour and still, we have a tendency to won’t tell you to designedly dunk your $700 phone in water. That’s as a result of water-resistance protection is solely not waterproof protection. Period. If you wish to check the distinction between water resistance and waterproof protection, do some very little Google search.

Now, for your main downside (well It’s not extremely a problem), you don’t get to worry the least bit. All you wish to try and do is a few effort to bring back the USB charging port operates. Please take a glance at our suggestion for Meganborecky03 higher than on a way to fix it.

Problem 6: Galaxy S8 icon notifications for SMS won’t show, 1st decision try continuously goes to voicemail

I have a brand new Galaxy S8 and I’m not receiving text notifications the least bit once the screen is unbarred or once it's secured. I don't care regarding notification sounds; I’m not obtaining the icon notifications, that I care regarding. I double-checked my notification settings, and messages have notifications set to permit. I check blocked application notifications underneath “advanced,” and notifications for messages also are set to “allowed.” I’m undecided if you'll be able to facilitate Maine solve another riddle, except for the past three months approximately, whenever I even have referred to as my partner, the call goes to voicemail the primary time, even once he’s not on the phone, then the second time goes through. this is often inflicting Maine to lose my mind! nobody else mentioned to him that this happens after they decision him. I board Kansas and he lives in Iowa. He has associate degree iPhone half-dozen, and I’ve had three phones over the past three months, all of that this happens with. once I’m in Iowa, the matter sometimes goes away (but not always). Thanks for your help! — Cydney

Solution: Hi Cydney. to confirm that you’ll get associate degree icon notification for SMS, you've got to change enable notifications choice underneath Advanced settings of the courier app. Here’s a way to do that:
Open Settings app.
Tap Notifications.
Move the slider to the correct for the electronic messaging app you’re exploitation.
Tap ADVANCED button at the highest right.
Tap the electronic messaging app you’re exploitation.
Move the slider to the correct for enabling notifications choice.

If these steps won’t fix the problem, attempt wiping the cache partition by doing the following:
Turn off the device.
Press and hold the quantity Up key and also the Bixby key, then press and hold the facility key.
When the humanoid emblem displays, unharness all keys (‘Installing system update’ can show for regarding thirty-sixty seconds before showing the humanoid system recovery menu options).
Press the quantity down key to spotlight “wipe cache partition.”
Press the facility key to pick.
Press the quantity down key to spotlight “yes” and press the facility key to pick.
When the wipe cache partition is complete, “Reboot system now” is highlighted.
Press the facility key to restart the device.

Should the problem stay, you'll be able to conjointly attempt a full industrial plant reset. Here’s how:
Back up knowledge on the interior memory. If you've got signed into a Google account on the device, you've got activated Anti-theft and can want your Google credentials to complete the Master reset.
Turn off the device.
Press and hold the quantity Up key and also the Bixby key, then press and hold the facility key.
When the humanoid emblem displays, unharness all keys (‘Installing system update’ can show for regarding thirty-sixty seconds before showing the humanoid system recovery menu options).
Press the quantity down key many times to spotlight “wipe knowledge / industrial plant reset.
Press Power button to pick.
Press the quantity down key till ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted.
Press Power button to pick and begin the master reset.
When the master reset is complete, “Reboot system now” is highlighted.
Press the facility key to restart the device.

Your second concern concerning initial decision tries going on to voicemail is also network-related, or one thing caused by a bug within the software system, therefore, you wish to speak to your carrier regarding it. If industrial plant reset won’t fix it still, coordinate together with your network’s technical team to resolve it.
Problem 7: Galaxy S8 drains battery quick and won’t charge totally

Took footage in salt water. to a small degree whereas later the phone started glitching and also the battery drained. Let it dry out for many days and tried charging the phone, however it'd not charge past 100 percent. Replaced the battery, however, wouldn't charge past forty fifths. Wiped the cache partition and rebooted, afterward the phone showed ninety-six. currently once the phone charges it won’t show past 18%-45%, however, it’ll last all day. generally, once I have the phone blocked within the battery still drains. once that happens it’ll restart then it shows a charge of somewhere within the ninetieth vary.

Tried wiping the cache partition once more, however, nothing changes. undecided if I even have a defective battery or if it may well be anything. Any data with this issue would facilitate. Thank you. — Eddie

Solution: Hi Eddie. attempt recalibrating the battery 1st and see however it goes from there. If you haven’t tried doing this procedure, here’s however it’s done:
Use the phone by enjoying games or doing tasks to hasten power discharge, till the phone turns itself off.
Turn the phone on once more and let it flip itself off.
Charge the phone while not turning it back on.
Wait till the battery says it totally charged to 100 percent
Unplug the charger and switch the phone on.
If the phone says it’s not 100 percent any longer, flip it off, plug the charger back in and wait till 100 percent charge is reached.
Unplug the charger the flip the phone on once more.
Use the phone till you drain the battery all the way down to zero.
Repeat the cycle once.

If nothing can modification once A battery standardization, do an industrial plant reset. If that won’t facilitate either, there should be a physical harm to the phone that desires fixing. Send it sure repair or replacement.
Problem 8: Galaxy S8 won’t close up

My girl forgot her watchword once she places her fingerprint in her Galaxy S8 currently the phone doesn’t acknowledge the print & desires the watchword. I even have tried to onerous reset this phone, however, it won’t let Maine flip it off. Any suggestions on however I will get this downside mounted, therefore, this phone isn’t a paperweight????? — Xxkimberlyxx08

Solution: Hi xxkimberlyxx08. the foremost effective thanks to restarting associate degree unresponsive or frozen S8 is by simulating a “battery pull,” conjointly called soft reset. Here’s how:
Press and hold the facility and Volume Down buttons for a minimum of ten seconds.
Once the phone starts to vibrate, the yield of the buttons.

Hopefully, your phone can restart commonly and you'd be ready to flip it off afterward. If that won’t work tho', merely wait till the drains the battery.
Problem 9: Can’t close up camera shutter sound once taking photos in Galaxy S8

Wanted to show off camera “click.” Have done therefore by muting system sounds. But…I don’t recognize what different therefore funds I’m turning off by doing so. are you able to provide Maine a list? I’m having to bother sorting out through googling. Thanks. — Mitch

Solution: Hi Mitch. If you're with us, you’re out of luck since it’s extralegal to require an image employing a camera or smartphone while not the shutter sound off. Yes, that’s right. Samsung is clearly enduring by aforementioned law however some phones will still take footage while not creating a sound by merely pressing Volume Down button on the facet of the phone till the phone goes into vibrate mode. If you haven’t tried that however, act and see for yourself.

If the primary workaround won’t work, attempt exploitation third-party camera apps.
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The Android Tech: Galaxy S8 wet detected error, won’t charge owing to wet detected error, different problems
Galaxy S8 wet detected error, won’t charge owing to wet detected error, different problems
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