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Amazon, Google, and Apple have launched a new Huawei Smart Speaker

Huawei AI Cube designed designs in IFA technology show in Berlin on a minimal design

Huawei launched the AI Cube on Friday at IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany.

It is a smart speaker and internet router that is operated by Amazon Alexa Alexa.

At the end of the Chinese giant year, every Europe is planning to release it but the price is not released.

AI Cube looks similar to Google Home Products, but Huawei tried to separate itself in the competition by creating 4G mobile internet routers.
But it can be used as a router for the home, but you will be charged a 4G SIM card.

Amazon Alexa is built on Huawei's device, includes everything from the EI Cube's built-in allocate function games, everything from the latest weather reports to everything from everything else to more than 50,000 e-commerce giant voice assistants using the various features that make people Lets use There are numerous "skills" or apps in which developers are building the Alexander. Huawei currently has its own voice-assisted technology. Using Alexa, it allows easy-to-speak voice association in various languages including German and English.

Huawei refused to give any price tag, making the speaker size, design, and quality that its price would be closer to MML Echo 2, then Apple Homopad would be worth it. AI Cub was first released in Europe on holiday at the end of the year. Huawei later said whether it can be found in the US or China or the value of the device.

Echo device competes with Google Home and Apple's homepage. From 4.42 billion dollars in 2012, the new smart speaker market could reach $ 17.4 billion in 2022, 2012, according to research firm IDC. Huawei is expected to get a large portion of that pie. The above-mounted controls are limited to a silent button, volume control, and a home button, which can be used to activate the Alexa without voice commands.

The company has not yet announced a handset with the new chip, but it has unveiled Huawei Matte 20 Lite - the phone to launch the first of the upcoming Mate 20 series.

Take a firm look at Selfie fans, the phone has four AI-powered cameras and an impressive 6.3-inch HD display.

Huawei's smart speaker and router combination seems to have been working for some time. One of the company's senior executive CNBC reports that Huawei was looking for ways to integrate voice technology into Wi-Fi router.

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