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What programming language should I learn for Android game development?

In the last few years, the mobile application has exceeded the development industry, changes the global business functions. Have you decided how do you want to learn how to develop Android apps? Learning code can be complicated. Sometimes there may be several questions to answer before it can be started. Institutions have recently synchronized mobile applications with their productivity and with the rapid innovation of mobile devices across platforms, it is a single language of mobile application developers and many applications using various reusable codes, Bv So to say a new version. So, a programming language should be learned right now. As soon as possible to make the decision, it will remember your business strategy to make your native, hybrid or cross-platform applications while selecting a programming language.

Although there are thousands of programming languages, developers use them only a handful. Many game developers will tell you to learn C ++ but this is just one of many possible answers. The best answer is' The best language for the platform you choose 'or' language is the most used of your game studio.

The first and most popular option is when Java comes when it comes to developing Android applications. Java is the official language of Android development, which means it is built with Google's most support and most of the Play Store apps. Java itself was released back in 1995 and used for a wide range of programming applications. Java code is powered by "virtual machine", which runs on Android devices and interprets the code.

If you create games for your browser, you will need to know a few different codes to be able to provide a complete user experience. You can always be an expert in a single language, but you will probably want to know:
Games created for HTML5, CSS3, SQL, JavaScript. For busses, the game is much different than the creation of the console. If you need 3D graphics or complex graphics and a content management system, you will also need SVG or WebGL.

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